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Career Planning

English Language Pathways –ELICOS

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector is an important one within the Australian Education system.

In 2011, 134,440 international students undertook English language courses in Australia.  54% of these held student visas, 24% visitor visas and the remaining 22% working holiday & other visas.* 

English language training commonly takes place in dedicated colleges or centres. These centres are completely focused on the needs of international students, so they have highly developed support services for such students.

English language training is also very often the first type of course an international student may undertake in Australia. So, ELICOS colleges have well-developed reception, orientation and accommodation placement processes to reflect this fact.

ELICOS students typically come on a:

  • student visa,
  • tourist visa or
  • working holiday visa.

People on a tourist visa are only permitted to study for a maximum of three months and those on working holiday visas for a maximum of four months. Individuals wishing to study in Australia for longer than this should apply for a student visa.

ELICOS courses can be taken by students as stand-alone courses. This means that the student wishes to improve their English proficiency and then return to their home country. According to EA’s statistics, 39% use the language course as the first in a pathway of courses leading to formal qualifications in the other sectors.

There are about 300 accredited ELICOS centres across Australia. There are many types of centres and they can be:

  • located in all of Australia’s major cities as well as in a range of regional locations,
  • private or government operated,
  • independent or attached to a high school, TAFE college or university,
  • small boutique colleges or large international providers.

If you are interested in studying and developing your English language skills and study in an English speaking country, contact us at info@australasiaeduconnect.com.au.

*source English Australia website