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Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)


This visa allows you to:

  • own and manage a business in Australia (the Business Innovation stream)
  • conduct business and investment activity in Australia (the Investor stream, the Significant Investor stream and the Premium Investor stream).
  • undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia (Entrepreneur stream).


You must:

  • be nominated by an eligible government organisation
  • be invited to apply for the visa
  • have experience in owning and operating a business (Business Innovation stream) or
  • have at least AUD1.5 million to invest (Investor stream) or
  • have at least AUD5 million to invest (Significant Investor stream) or
  • have at least AUD15 million to invest (Premium Investor stream)
  • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream.

Length of stay

Four years and three months

Eligibility criteria for the different streams